How We Work?
  • Study & Analysis
  • Make a Hypothesis
  • Add opinion from the client
  • Make a branding strategy
  • Make an appropriate Branding budget
  • Bring off branding
  • Feedback
Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we are not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us, No company is! So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us. Even a great brand needs investment and caring if it’s going to retain its relevance and vitality.– Steve Jobs

In a world full of noise and complications, where everybody is rushing and running a race, what you need is a unique identity to let people know everything that you want them to know, about you! We would love to help you here, in this. We will help you in telling your story well!

As we know it, Branding is all about storytelling. #BlackTeaCuppa is a creative agency coming to life, all ready to launch, to give life, vision, aesthetic beauty, voice and breathe to your dream brand.

We design insightful and innovative branding strategies for business communities. Our approach is interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary and collaborative. We are led by a simple philosophy of design; "Designing is everywhere and in everything."

In a rapidly changing marketing environment, uniqueness is what makes us all thrive. Our design approach enables us to take the challenge of creating outstanding brand quality and experiences which are unique, authentic and needless to say, sensible with genuine value.

Time is relevant not only in our everyday life but also in the life of business. Technology changes rapidly with time and with the demands of changing life. At the same time, it doesn’t imply that tradition has lost its meaning in our everyday social realities. And, this is exactly why we have adopted our unique methodology which combines tradition, the most recent technology and modernity. This helped us in building, sustaining and developing an exclusive branding strategy with an interwoven methodology which in turn plays a crucial role in our branding approach.

    Research & Analysis

    We are doing a thorough marketing research and analysis for each client in order to prepare a customized branding approach as well as branding strategy. From client interviews to quantitative market study are used for thorough analysis.


    From the result given by research and analysis, an effective hypothesis will be created. The actual branding needs and requirements will be reflected in the hypothesis. It will help to understand in which direction the uniqueness and branding strategy will be developed. What are the elements that create the USP of each brand can be identified with the hypothesis.

    Branding Strategy

    With the help of the above two steps a highly potential, feasible and workable brand­ing strategy will be drawn up. It will clearly uncover the action plan to differenti­ate the brand from the competitors. It includes all the steps necessary to establish the brand identity and to tell the brand story well.

    Branding budget

    It is an integral part branding strategy. It clearly explains how much amount to be spent for each step and elements in the branding strategy to work out effec­tively. By this step wastage of money and effort can be effectively managed and reduced. The consistency can be maintained through effective brand strategy and budget.

    Black Tea

    Black Tea Cuppa is a Branding Service hub situated at Calicut. We design insightful and innovative branding strategies for business communities. Our approach is interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary and collaborative.


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